The Coil on Vancouver Island

  Part of The Coil: A History in Four Parts

Hall travelled with the Coil to Vancouver Island in 1990 to explore the links between the east and west coasts. From first sunrise in Canada to last – from one island culture to another – she received support from members of the artistic community, and undertook site work on beaches, in rain forest, in the clear-cut slash left by the forestry industry, and in a number of other sites. The results of this work were shown at Open Space in Victoria,B.C., once the Biographical Notes reflecting on the site work had been completed.

The Biographical Notes

There were 13 Biographical Notes created to tell the story of The Coil in the British Columbia landscape. Some changed in format from their predecessors in Newfoundland – incorporating large photographs with the mixed media drawings to form dyptychs, and in some cases evolving into triptychs. Click the image for a larger version of those represented here.