The Coil in the Alberta Badlands

  Part of The Coil: A History in Four Parts

After exploring The Coil’s resonance in an island landscape far from her origins, Hall took her to one of the oldest pre-historic seabeds on the continent – the Badlands of Alberta. Working on sites which had been formed by water 75 million years ago, where dinosaurs bones could be found, and where tribes like the Blackfoot and the Blood had left their marks on sandstone formations in the south, Hall spent 6 weeks on site, then created Biographical Notes in Calgary, for an exhibition there at The New Gallery.

The Biographical Notes

The Badlands site work was reflected through 9 Biographical Notes and again, as in B.C., some were coupled with large format photographs. The 7 which formed the Alberta “chapter” in the final touring exhibition, and which are reproduced in the catalogue, were single panels. Like the other Notes, they were mixed media drawings, 30″×44″ in dimension. Click the images below to see the larger version.