Callanish Diaries (Excerpt 2)

  Part of Worshipping the Stone

“Return to the Mothering Stone”, (Callanish Diaries, Vol.I), 1986

Callanish, Kali’s Headland
Lewis, Outer Hebrides,Scotland- 1985

– the Stones were brought to Lewis in many Ships. With them came a Great Priest-King. lessor priests and many men who erected the Stones.
The Priests wore cloaks of mallard feathers, and always, by the Chief
Priest, were there wrens- flying.

-Lewis was inhabited by a race of Giants. Callanish was their council, their meeting place.
When the Giants met to discuss how to destroy the new religion- Christianity- St. Keiran turned them
all to Stone.

-Kali- Goddess of Time- can these be your dancers, fixing sun and lunar flow, calling in the wind for return
to the Mothering Stone