Callanish Diaries (Excerpt 1)

  Part of Worshipping the Stone

“…in some Cosmic Game of Chess between the Gods”, (Callanish Diaries, Vol.I), 1986

So Sky Watcher-
what heavenly mysteries
lie hidden
in your alignment…?

Can it be that
many died and all
wept under the weight
of your forty-eight
just to find the
moon rising
over the Sleeping Beauty?

Were you raised
to strike awe and terror
into new generations
just to find the flash
of mid-winter Sun…?

Was a setting moon
and its re-gleam
so dear to your

Or were you
just a dance hall
for Beltane revels-
a community crematorium-
a symbiol of the power
of your Tribe-
or perhaps you were
only the Markers…
in some Cosmic Game of Chess
between the Gods

whatever say
the scholars-
from within this circle
the sun, the moon,
the stars,
look better to me
than from anyplace on earth-
what care I
for their purpose.
Just stand
and- look.